Life inevitably involves many changes in direction. Some of these we have no control over, but for those that we can direct ourselves, clarity is hugely important to us. We get to a fork in the river and we want to know which way to steer. We want to know what the consequence will be […]


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One Step at a Time

The way is misty,I cannot see,Clouded by doubt,And uncertainty. My heart knows the path,I yearn to take,To reach the future,For which I ache. One step at a time,Blindly I grope,One step at a time,Earnestly I hope. Filled with fears,Not all my own making,I put on the brave face,All the while shaking. Rare glimpses of clarity,As […]

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Purpose needs hope to succeed

I read a couple of articles recently about how having a purpose can significantly help us get where we want to be (“Knowing Your Why” Is Good for You), and about how having hope helps us to acheive our goals and deal with set-backs more easily (The Three Conditions for Hope to Thrive). I was […]

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Depression is….

There are many invisible illnesses and disabilities, from migraines, to autism, to cancer and depression. All are impossible to spot from the outside, but have a huge effect on the lives of those dealing with them, and on their friends and family. Depression awareness week is over, but that does not mean that we can […]

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Fresh starts

We all have pasts. Some of them happy, some tragic, most a mixture of the two. If you have read any of my previous blogs you will know that I am a great believer in the power of getting to grips with that past so that we can learn from it. But there comes a […]

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I live to see those wounded eyes smile. Sometimes I only seem to make them bleed. How do you remind someone who thinks They’re already dead To breathe? Sometimes love isn’t enough But often It’s all we’ve got. Just breathe Please. I’m losing myself In wounded eyes.


The importance of being grateful

There is much made of the importance of gratitude to happiness. Yet there is also a temptation to dismiss ‘being grateful’ as unwarranted, particularly when we are feeling hard done by. The phrase is too often used to mean being beholden. It is too often used by people who tell us we ‘should be grateful’ […]

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