Past and present

Each person’s past is the start of their journey in life – it explains how they got to where they are and why they are carrying various items of baggage. We all have our stories.Working to understand my past has revealed how it has shaped me. Strengthened me. Left me wary of things that maybe I no longer need to be afraid of. Encouraged desire for things that no longer serve me. These are things that I believe we would all benefit from knowing about ourselves.Not to look at and then put back in the mind’s drawer to try and forget about the bad bits. To recognise as a springboard. To identify mental blocks. To help us realise that we no longer need those bad habits. To heal ourselves, grow. To empower us to grab new opportunities with both hands.To help us each figure out where we want to go next so that we can set off in the right direction. And leave useless baggage behind.20190318_191445_00002857819376873896253.png


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