Darkness and Light

Life is all about balance. We can, to some extent, learn to balance our needs and responsibilities, other peoples priorities and our own, being healthy with allowing ourselves some treats. But there is a higher level of balance in our lives that we cannot alway control. Things just happen. Some bad, some good. A universal balance, if you will.I, like many others, have had some shitty stuff happen. Some, perhaps, with hindsight, I could have taken evasive manoeuvres to avoid, or handled differently. Others I was completely blindsided by and helpless to influence. All of them I passed through, and came out into the light on the other side. Some dark places took me longer to pass through than others, and sometimes when I reached the light I was not where I ever expected to be. But I was somewhere good.Passing between light and darkness is part of life’s greater balance. Day and night. Summer and winter. Good times and bad. It is only by experiencing darkness that we learn not to take the light for granted. It is only by appreciating the light that we gather the strength and resources to pass through the dark.Pay attention to the little things that bring you joy in your everyday life. Be grateful when life throws a bit of good fortune your way. And know that there are always more good times to come. No matter how dark life becomes sometimes, light is waiting at the end of that tunnel. Even if it is still out of sight.20190318_191106_0001100667033505018989.png


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