My Freedom’s Wings is about helping to empower real people to tackle emotional challenges in life and equipping them to rise to life’s opportunities.

Freedom is an aim in so many parts of our lives. Freedom from emotional scars. Freedom from judgement. Freedom from abuse. Freedom from other people’s priorities. Freedom to choose the life we want to live, the person we want to be. Our past explains how we got to where we are now – it should not dictate our future, or the future of our children.

My name is Bev Willams. I have experienced first hand the emotional pain and sometimes long-term effect of family illness, parental divorce, unemployment, bereavement, depression, emotional abuse and break-up. Each time I have crashed and burned I have got back up again a little stronger and and a lot wiser. I want to pass on some of what I have learned, often the hard way, to help you find greater balance in life.

I am currently a single working mum, re-building a life with my special son and figuring out the future. I am remembering how to dream and how to hatch plans. I know that a bright future is out there waiting for me to find. So is yours.

Want to come find your freedom’s wings? Follow my blog and join me.