Choose what you mirror

When faced with the behaviours of others, whether positive or negative, we each have a choice. Do we mirror it and keep the cycle going? Or break the cycle?

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Depression is….

There are many invisible illnesses and disabilities, from migraines, to autism, to cancer and depression. All are impossible to spot from the outside, but have a huge effect on the lives of those dealing with them, and on their friends and family. Depression awareness week is over, but that does not mean that we can […]

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A sunny winters day

A little while ago at the end of February, I was standing at my back door looking out at my garden and looking forward to summer. Unusually for February in Scotland, it was warm and sunny. Very warm and sunny. So warm and sunny that I later picked my son up from school in sunglasses […]

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Making a difference

Be the change you want to see has become a popular slogan, but one that I wholeheartedly agree with. Only rarely does the world change quickly and drastically. Mostly it changes in drips and drops. Each choice. Each action. Each person. Adds up. Until change becomes a tidal wave, sweeping away the old and revealing […]

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The Colour Pink

My eight year old son finds advert time on kids TV hilarious, primarily because, if I’m paying any attention at all, I’m sitting there exclaiming ‘Why does that have to be pink?!’. He points pink stuff out to me at every opportunity, just to see my screwed up, disgusted face. ┬áRecently he asked me an […]

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