Seven common barriers to asking for help

There are many challenges that sometimes feel impossible to voice, let alone reach out to someone for help. But why do we sometimes find it impossible to reach out and ask? Find out how unfounded seven common fears around asking for help really can be.

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I live to see those wounded eyes smile. Sometimes I only seem to make them bleed. How do you remind someone who thinks They’re already dead To breathe? Sometimes love isn’t enough But often It’s all we’ve got. Just breathe Please. I’m losing myself In wounded eyes.


The importance of being grateful

There is much made of the importance of gratitude to happiness. Yet there is also a temptation to dismiss ‘being grateful’ as unwarranted, particularly when we are feeling hard done by. The phrase is too often used to mean being beholden. It is too often used by people who tell us we ‘should be grateful’ […]

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Souls are like snowflakes Pure and untouched Drifting in the wind Angels falling to earth Like snowflakes there are many Each beautiful and unique Each following their own path In the winds of life Sometimes two souls meet Cling together for a while Before the wind of life Spins then apart again Sometimes they meet […]

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Growth is a painful process

There is a reason shit happens to us or to our loved ones. I have no idea what it is and I would much rather it did not. But out of the pain comes growth. Creativity. Re-birth. Wisdom. Peace. Until the next pile hits the fan when the cycle begins again. Maybe the Buddhists are […]

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Darkness and Light

Life is all about balance. We can, to some extent, learn to balance our needs and responsibilities, other peoples priorities and our own, being healthy with allowing ourselves some treats. But there is a higher level of balance in our lives that we cannot alway control. Things just happen. Some bad, some good. A universal […]

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I’ve recently come to realise exactly how tricky an emotion resentment is. It starts small. An irritation at a real or inferred promise not kept. A perceived unfairness where someone gets something that you do not. Over time it gathers more ‘stuff’to itself, a slight here, a small or large problem there. It grows, below […]

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Time to breathe

Life seems to get busier every day – always too much to do and not enough hours in the day or days in the week. Sometimes even cramming in some fun can seem like too much additional effort. Yet playtime is important for all of us, not just children. An hour out of your day, […]

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The importance of being kind

Small acts of kindness and doing people a good turn can truly bring light to people lives – not only to those who receive the kindness, but also to those who undertake that action. It doesn’t have to be a big deal – sometimes a smile at the right time is enough to buoy someone […]

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