Life inevitably involves many changes in direction. Some of these we have no control over, but for those that we can direct ourselves, clarity is hugely important to us. We get to a fork in the river and we want to know which way to steer. We want to know what the consequence will be […]

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One Step at a Time

The way is misty,I cannot see,Clouded by doubt,And uncertainty. My heart knows the path,I yearn to take,To reach the future,For which I ache. One step at a time,Blindly I grope,One step at a time,Earnestly I hope. Filled with fears,Not all my own making,I put on the brave face,All the while shaking. Rare glimpses of clarity,As […]

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Purpose needs hope to succeed

I read a couple of articles recently about how having a purpose can significantly help us get where we want to be (“Knowing Your Why” Is Good for You), and about how having hope helps us to acheive our goals and deal with set-backs more easily (The Three Conditions for Hope to Thrive). I was […]

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Revealing your values

Ok, time for something a bit more practical. Comparing values to continental plates and the force of gravity in some of my previous blogs may have been verging on poetic, and hopefully set the context of how important they are, but how do you actually identify and use them? Values are essentially things that are […]

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The River

I like to go for walks along our local river when I can. Although the main path is popular with dog walkers and cyclists, there are muddy tracks that you can take down through the trees to the water. It’s a different world, peaceful, nature’s place. On one of my visits it struck me that […]

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Figuring out your purpose

I’ll be up front with you. I’ve not managed this yet. I keep thinking that there must be some grand purpose, some great dream, that should appear to me or pop into my head fully fledged. One that I can get behind and devote the rest of my life to. I have an assumption in […]

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A sense of direction

It is generally a good idea to have in mind where you want to end up in life. However, does it really matter what path you follow to get there? Does it really have to be all ‘focus’ and ‘purpose’ and ‘5 year plans’? Or can we take our time and a few pleasant detours […]

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What is freedom?

What is Freedom anyway? Our first instinct is to think of things like being able to do what you want when you want, having enough money to buy what you want and go where you want, being able to make decisions for yourself without having to consult anyone else. Yet if we start to look […]

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