One Step at a Time

The way is misty,I cannot see,Clouded by doubt,And uncertainty. My heart knows the path,I yearn to take,To reach the future,For which I ache. One step at a time,Blindly I grope,One step at a time,Earnestly I hope. Filled with fears,Not all my own making,I put on the brave face,All the while shaking. Rare glimpses of clarity,As […]

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I live to see those wounded eyes smile. Sometimes I only seem to make them bleed. How do you remind someone who thinks They’re already dead To breathe? Sometimes love isn’t enough But often It’s all we’ve got. Just breathe Please. I’m losing myself In wounded eyes.



Souls are like snowflakes Pure and untouched Drifting in the wind Angels falling to earth Like snowflakes there are many Each beautiful and unique Each following their own path In the winds of life Sometimes two souls meet Cling together for a while Before the wind of life Spins then apart again Sometimes they meet […]

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